Thursday, January 22, 2009

Setting up for the Home Show!

This weekend is the Green Country Home and Garden show, the first of three such trade shows we'll be involved in in the next three months. This one is at the Exchange Center....

The nice new structure north of the Quik Trip Center (which was formerly the IPE building. Everything at the fairgrounds has a new name. What's next....a new name for the Golden Driller?)

We spent Wednesday setting up our booth. We have nice Andersen, Simonton, and Therma-Tru displays, along with charming guys like Jeff, Jason, and Ken to answer any questions you might have.

Setting up the show is one serious days work. These booths do not just set themselves up. It takes some dedicated manpower to put it all together.Jason spent some time cleaning out our box truck so we could get all the displays loaded.

Chuck and Orey load the heavy stuff first.

Stack it in guys. There's more displays to load.

Jeff is thinking "I know we're forgetting SOMETHING."

Our booth went together fairly quick. Of course it helped that we had 5 people working on it. :-)And it also helped that the boys were fed well! Three boxes of pizza disappeared in about five minutes flat!

Sarah makes the final inspection. Whew! We passed!

Come see us this weekend!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Even in January!

From time to time, someone will ask if we do windows in the winter time. Their concerns are valid as there are way more cold days than moderate days December through February. A window removed from a north wall on a cold windy day could be a little frosty to those lounging around in their PJs while our guys do their work. But, unless the weather is in the teens or below, and providing we're not stomping around in six inches of snow, we are always able to get our jobs done.Such was the case yesterday. It was a little chilly when we started out, but the highs ended up near 50 degrees. We always work on one window at a time, removing the old unit, prepping the opening for the new window, setting it, and then trimming and caulking as needed. Yes, things are opened up but only for a few minutes before we have the new window in place.

These were Simonton double hung windows in the new driftwood color. Chuck and Orey are putting the finishing touches on the last window. Yes, that is insulation Orey is stuffing around the window. Makes no sense to have energy efficient windows without an energy efficient installation!

Check it out, it level?Yup....right on the money!

This picture shows the caulk we use. It is a tri-polymer that is clear, and looks nice on even the toughest of caulking jobs. (It doesn't hurt that our guys are pretty good with a caulk gun!)

Checking everything out....all is in perfect working order.

Check back tomorrow for some pics about the upcoming Green Country Home and Garden Show at the Exchange Center at the fair grounds. The show runs from Friday through Sunday. More details tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Thank you for visiting our blog. We at Windows by Jeff are committed to delivering perfection in all of our door and window and window projects. This blog will be updated a few times per week and will chronicle some of our installations, our home and garden shows, and will feature some fun details about our staff. Along the way, we will have many pictures of our products and installations. Feel free to share your comments on this forum, or stop by to see us in Jenks!