Monday, November 16, 2009

One of the window options we always spend time discussing is whether or not to have grids in the new windows. Many old single pane windows had small individual panes of glass, which made replacement easier if they were broke. Today's thermal pane windows can replicate that look with interior "divided lights" or grids. This is purely a matter of preference as they do not add to the structure or security of the window at all. In fact, the interior grids are a light metal, and are only for looks.
Many people want them as they do add character to the exterior appearance of the house. I have heard them described as giving a house a "cottage" look, a "ranch" look, a "french" look, a "colonial" look....and I have also heard people say it made them feel like they were in JAIL! Everyone has an opinion! This customer decided they did not want the grids in their windows. In this triple configuration, we have replaced the right window with an operating casement. The center window has been removed and will soon have a stationary casement, and the left will be an operational one. Brandon will not go home until they're all trimmed out and caulked. :-)

Another reason for possibly NOT having the grids is having blinds or interior shutters in combination with the grids begins to look to busy, giving the window a cluttered look. These folks had that in mind and opted to leave the grids out of their new windows.

This is a work in progress. The arch top window below once had the grids, but the new window gives that room a much more open look. The twin window above was replaced the next day, and also without the grids.

We have tons of pictures and job references for people to examine to help them with their window decisions!

Friday, November 13, 2009

After a very wet rainy September and October, we have been blessed with a few weeks of spectacular weather. You have to love Oklahoma and the Indian Summer. This has allowed us to really make headway in our window backlog. This particular day found one on our crews an an older neighborhood near LaFortune Park. This house had old wood sash windows. This was the window of choice in houses built from the 40s clear into the 70s. Always single pane, usually with the divided panes, these windows give character to a house, but are far from energy efficient.

Many people who have these older wood windows fear that the newer vinyl frame windows will look too different from the original wood look, but as you can see in the following two pictures, the better quality vinyl window HAVE the look of the older wood sashes. Using the same grid pattern, the look and character of the house is not compromised.

Another important difference in our company, is that we do not disturb the interior moldings when replacing wood sash windows. By removing the windows from the outside, all the unique delicate interior trim stays in place, and we replace the exterior blind stop, which often is old, weathered, and in need of replacing anyway. There's never a better way than doing it right.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Repeat business is the best!

In September, we installed 12 Plygem/Great Lakes windows in the back of this house, a "phase one" project. The plan was to do half of the windows this year and the rest next year, as their budget allowed. We are always glad to work with customers, when needed, to break the project into manageable segments.

Orey has done the hard part...getting the old upstairs window out.

Even Jeff gets involved in the nuts and bolts operation of the company. Jeff is always busy doing sales, checking on jobs, running materials to the jobsite, and doing great PR work.Now, if we could just get him to smile!

A nice finished product, and a good clue as to who took the picture!

These folks liked these new windows so much, that they could not wait until next year to finish out their house. So, last Friday, they bought and ordered the remainder of their windows for the front of their house, choosing the Plygem Casements with the Earthtone exterior. And best of all, they all qualify for the tax credit!