Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The house before any windows were done.

The 2 openings on the balcony were the biggest problem windows.
This is how the other company addressed these problem windows!
Fortunately, the historical committee put a halt to the work being done.

From the interior the other company's work looked pretty bad, too!
The homeowner found out about Windows by Jeff, Inc. and
also learned that we have worked with historical districts
in the past.  We provided everything the homeowner
needed to have their project with us approved by
the committee and the results below prove our abilities!
Windows by Jeff, Inc. measured, ordered and installed the correct windows
for the openings and replicated the exterior trim to mimic the original historical
openings for this 1920's home.

We also replicated the interior trim that had been destroyed
during removal by the other company.  Our approach to
this type of installation would have been completely
different than our competitors, but fortunately we
have the knowledge and the craftsmanship to fix
what others have butchered.
Today, the homeowners are enjoying their new Windows by Jeff
windows and their historically approved color scheme which
was probably original to the home.


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  2. We just want to attest, as the owners of this beautiful historic adobe home, that everything Windows by Jeff says is spot on. The "other company" destroyed the window framing, so Jeff's team had to reconstruct that. Recreating the correct arches in two old windows was tedious at every step, and they took their time to get it absolutely right! The custom windows are beautiful inside and out, air tight, a masterpiece of craftsmanship. We're so glad we found Windows by Jeff.